PMA Approved CEC Workshops for Teachers

Pilates for Rotational Sports


Learn how to assess an athlete’s biomechanics inside the studio and create a Pilates program to give them the the ability to create “elastic energy” and a strong core. This workshop will teach you how to help your clients build rotational power, develop greater range of motion, prevent injuries and reduce chronic pain. Using a combination of lecture and a practicum of exercises performed on the mat and spring loaded equipment, participants will learn how each exercise is used to address the specific needs for the more common rotational sports including golf, tennis, baseball and hockey. 6 PMA CEC Course.

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Release and Restore Method: Working with Hypermobility Disorders


Learn how to help clients with soft tissue disorders and hyper mobility through the use of trigger point therapy, self-myofasical release and restorative Pilates. Learn what Ehrlos Danlos Syndrome, POTS and Joint Hypermobility Syndromes are and how to effectively modify exercises in order to help this special population repair muscles and joints, relieve muscle soreness, build core stability and overall strength - safely

6 PMA CEC Course.

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