Wellness in the Workplace TM

Allow us to help your staff
help them selves.

By teaching simple lifestyle changes on how to improve health and wellness, you can improve staff morale, productivity and camaraderie.

WHAT can we OFFER to your BUSINESS ?

Wellness Consultations
Through 30 minute individual consultations, your staff will be given personalized nutritional plans, natural supplementation recommendations, fitness tips, health analysis and BMI analysis. Allow your staff to experience beneficial changes in their life by giving them the knowledge and tools to improve their overall wellness.

Back Care for the Work Place
Back pain and injuries related to lifting, material handling or long periods of desk work are some of the most frequent types of issues, both on and off the job. While some factors that contribute to the potential for injury cannot be controlled, others can be reduced or minimized. Poor physical fitness, obesity, smoking, poor posture, and medical/physical deficiencies are personal factors that may contribute to back pain. Investing time in an effective Back Care Program yields improved productivity and morale, reducing potential lost work time due to injury or chronic pain.

Office Fitness
Office Fitness brings the benefits of a little recess into each day - increasing variety of movement, improving posture and emphasizing strength and flexibility. Office Fitness will introduce basic Pilates principles, core muscles and practical ways to align your body while sitting. It will also teach simple stretches to help eliminate neck, shoulder, wrist and back pain. It will also give ideas, programs, and advice on helping your staff stay fit while they work in an office every day.
There are three basic elements of fitness: flexibility, muscular strength and heart and lung health. Office Fitness will teach corresponding activities for each element.

Wellness Consultant
As a Wellness Consultant, Jennifer Christophel can help people lead physically as well as mentally healthier lifestyles. She will advise your staff on healthier lifestyle choices in various areas including exercise, nutrition and stress management.
Jennifer will find and suggest simple solutions that your staff can incorporate into their daily life to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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